What is a !hostme channel?

What is a !hostme channel?

A hostme channel typically uses an automated system that allows streamers to enter a "raffle" or "giveaway" via a keyword such as !hostme (some channels may use a different prefix such as ? or $). After a set time, a winner is chosen and hosted using the /host command. The host duration varies from channel to channel and can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 minutes (really it can be anything since it is a configurable option). After the host time is complete /unhost is used and typically a break is used here before the next host is picked. This cycle repeats. For example, if using a 10 minute host duration and 5 minute break the cycle would repeat every 15 minutes. Streamers should re-enter to be eligible when the next winner is picked.

Why use a !hostme channel?

Exposure. When a channel gets hosted on Twitch by another channel, many of the views transfer over to the hosted channel which increases the hosted channels view count and overall placement in the channel list. This helps raise visibility to the streamer making it easier for people to find them in the channel list, which is always sorted by viewer count.

List of !hostme channels?

I put together a fairly large list of !hostme channels. If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the list please email me at info at lurk24 dot tv.

How to become a !hostme channel

There are mutltiple ways of accomplishing this, some are easy and others not so easy. It depends on your technical skill level and ability to code. If you are comfortable coding in JavaScript there is a free open source project on GitHub (Sighmir/KustomBot) that can get you started.

If you have a specific question you could email info@lurk24.tv and i will try my best to help you.